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* Morag Hickman (Errant)
* Morag Hickman (Errant)
* Zoe Zircon (+1)
* Zoe Zircon (+1)
* Seyi Ogunyemi (micrypt)

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If you use Hackspace facilities to make art or anything approximating it (ie. if you're thinking "well, what I do isn't really art) then add yourself to this page, if possible with a link to something you made in the space.

Eithin: Relief printing, painting, jewellery. London Rowan woodblock print

chipp: stone carving, cartographic art, performance with kitchen appliances, interactive arts

charduff: Charles Duffy - Wooden Spectacles Photo of Wooden Spectacles

Akki14: jewellery, photography Cat5 Bracelet, Hackspace Cyanotypes more hackspace cyanotypes

Artists' subgroup discussion June 2013

People expressing initial interest:

  • Natasha Gorodnitski
  • Sam Kelly (Eithin)
  • Tim Storey
  • Jonty Wareing
  • Geekinesis
  • Stephane Malenfant
  • Morris
  • Lynz
  • Sonia Ali
  • Morag Hickman (Errant)
  • Zoe Zircon (+1)
  • Seyi Ogunyemi (micrypt)