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==== Cremer St ====
==== Cremer St ====
* Early removal of excess kit (move to 447 or give away): [[Hackspace Move/Pre Move Move]] Thomas/tgreer
* [[Hackspace Move/Pre Move Move|Pre-move]] (early removal of excess kit to 447 or give away): Thomas/tgreer
* Cleanup
* Cleanup
* Packing
* Packing

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We will soon move to a new space in 447 Hackney Road. This will be happening during March and April 2013.

There's lots do do. Moving will be an enormous task, and will take at least an entire weekend (and probably several weeks worth of time in preparation). Here are some resources that help us coordinate this.


See 447 Hackney Road.


Expected schedule

We need to be out of Cremer St before 30th April. To leave time for restorations and cleanup the actual move will happen on the weekends of 13/14 April, depending on how quickly we can sort out the new space.

To ease the transition for everyone we aim to set up doorbot access to the new space soon.

Planning Notes

Key Projects

A number of key activities and the people coordinating them. Highlighted* projects have been identified as critical: they are prerequisites for other work, or they establish what we can initially do at the space.

Hackney Rd, basic infrastructure

  • Walls*: Paddy, Steve (Charles - workshop)
  • Ventilation*: Paddy, Steve
  • Lift*: Thomas/tgreer
  • Power*: alisonw (Charles - workshop)
  • Door access: Mark/ms7821, tgreer
  • Comms: Jasper, Thomas/tgreer
  • Waste: Jasper
  • (Drainage)
  • (Flooring)

Hackney Rd, legal/regulations

  • Fire safety (exits, extinguishers, lighting, etc): Russ
  • Accessibility:

Hackney Rd, functional areas

  • Workshop: Charles/solexious
  • Wetlab: Will/will-h, biohackers
  • Electronics: Eugene/mentar
  • Darkroom: wyan
  • "Music" or performance space (actual form tbd)
  • Classroom
  • Storage, shelves

Cremer St

  • Pre-move (early removal of excess kit to 447 or give away): Thomas/tgreer
  • Cleanup
  • Packing
  • Restoration

The actual move

  • Loading:
  • Transport: Thomas/tgreer
  • Unloading: Sam/Eithin
  • Set-up:

Meeting minutes

Things to be aware of

Prepare your member box

If you have a member box:

  • Make sure that it can be closed with the lid fitting properly
  • Make sure it's clearly labeled with your name and membership reference number. You can find your reference number at london.hackspace.org.uk/members/ after you have logged into the website.
  • Remove any loose items from on, around or under your box - we won't have an easy way of moving them and it's likely that they will get lost or damaged. You should take responsibility for moving these yourself.
  • Due to the move we are no longer accepting new boxes in the existing space. If there is a spare space on the member shelves please leave it empty. You'll be able to add new boxes at the new space after the move.

Prepare your loaned equipment

  • Make sure it is labelled properly so it doesn't get lost
  • If it is delicate or hard to move: prepare it for the move yourself, or even take it home for the duration of the move

Planning your deliveries

Since we will be mostly out of the existing space before 30 April, please take care when ordering items to be delivered to the current space. If there is any chance that they will take more than a few weeks to arrive then don't have them sent to the space! We won't have access to the old building after we fully moved out.

Frequently Asked Questions

See also New Space Search 2012#Frequently_Asked_Questions for a discussion of why a move is possible (and necessary) in 2013.

When will the new space be open to members?

Doorbot is already set up, but restricted to a few key people who help out with the move. General member access will be set up around the time of the actual move, sometime in mid/late April.

See also: #Expected Schedule.

What modifications does our lease allow?

"Structural changes" need to be signed off by the landlord. This includes the erection of new walls, drilling large holes in existing walls (e.g. for ventilation), etc.

Non-structural changes are fine; this includes painting walls, markings, mounting of equipment and other small changes.