Hackspace Move/Cremer Restoration

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This is a list of things that need to be fixed or restored once we leave Cremer st. Please add anything you can think of, they will be struck off once we have confirmation that the work doesn't need to be done, or is completed.

Unit 24

  • Restore connecting wall to 23
  • Restore kitchen
  • Paint all walls white in main rooms and toilets
  • Remove internal walls and false ceiling
  • Remove waste pipe to 23
  • Remove plastic strips
  • Repair holes in front door

Unit 23

  • Fix holes in back door
  • Restore partition in loo and replace any loos or basins that have been removed
  • Fit new glass where extraction for lasercutter is currently, fill in hole where the duct comes through the wall from the workshop.
  • Paint over the Jonty murial


  • Sweep balconies for any items