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We've going to have a much larger "classroom" area in the new space and although we've got loads of tables in storage we don't have any more chairs.

We need someone to follow the vairous localish london freecycles looking for chairs and some other things. You don't have to be able to do the picking up yourself, we can probably find someone to help with that, but you should be able to phone people up and ask for descriptions etc.

You should be fairly picky in what you select - there's no point in getting junk if we just have to throw it out again, we also want to avoid filling the space with things that "might come in handy one day" (not that we are very good about that, but we can but try :P ).

Things we really need

At least 20, and preferably up to 50 folding or stacking chairs for doing talks etc. Better to have chairs that are the same type to minimise the numbers of stacks, so better to get large numbers of the same type of chairs rather than lots of different types. The chairs should be fairly well constructed - we had a light weight folding chair in the space and it got destroyed pretty quickly.

5 ish to max 10 more office style chairs on wheels. Personally I like arm rests, but some people don't (someone has stripped most of them from the last.fm ones, grrr).

Ventilation ducting - I'm not sure of the type, we need at least 33m, 3 T peices and 3 corners.

in line extraction fans for the ducting - don't think we need these now?

a few wall mount (through wall) extraction fans (the types you use for bathrooms).

Things that would be nice, but not needed right away

  • 1 or 2 more whiteboards
  • 1 or 2 good solid desks/workbenches <- I can supply a desk and a steel filing cabinet (those are solid enough for tools and bits, right?) -AndHab
  • cupboards/lockers/chests of drawers <- need to be solid and strong - look what happened to the bike bits storage...
  • another projection screen?
  • A few more barstools type chair things.
  • Another picnic table
  • Garden things - large pots, trellesis, compost/soil, plants, seeds etc.
  • Large Robust barbqueue (weld one up ourselves?)
  • Cat5 or Cat6 RJ45 wall sockets, double or 4 way (we don't need many of these)
  • Cat5e or Cat6 cabling (still got a large part-reel of Cat5e and a tonne of patch-cables - Sci)
  • 13 amp wall mount sockets
  • lots of electrical cable (types?)
  • trunking for electrical and/or network cables.
  • Electric hand dryers, maybe try to get Dyson to sponsor some?
  • A washing machine for towels & cushion covers etc (If we get electric hand dryers we don't need this, not sure about cost of power for them tho).

Blue sky things that we are unlikely to get

  • A good projector or 2. (good is: HDMI/VGA, 1080p resolution). (Can probably supply these along with 1 Unicol bracket - Sully)
  • spare bulbs for the projector (hah!)
  • VESA swing arm or wall monitor mounting kits.
  • Decent IP webcams (good resolution and frame rate, pref. PTZ).
  • 1 or 2 Entry phones, ideally IP/VOIP, colour etc. (2 identical good ones that do SIP would be a big win).


We would prefer that things did NOT come from commercial kitchens - they can be greasy and smelly, not to mention the possibility of cockroaches...

Anything that we get needs to be in good working order, we won't have time to fix things.

They will also need to be *complete* missing parts can be a pain to replace, and we don't really have time.