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This is a list of ideas about how to structure the new Hackspace according to the needs of the subgroups. It is *not* authoritative documentation for what we will actually build; this will only emerge while we actually make it all happen.

Also have a look at Russ' floor plans:

Please have discussions on the Talk Page, not here.

Yard area

Music Hackspace

  • Regular activities of the group include presentations/talks, performances, workshops.
  • Members produce sound and music, build their own instruments, performance tools and installation pieces, and also work in sound and visual projects.

What we would like to be able to do in the new space:

  • Use the main workshop for building instruments/devices.
  • Use a space/room/area for organising workshops. A relatively quiet and spacious area/room with light, tables, chairs, projectors, speakers. This space would be also useful for other subgroups/members who organise workshops.
  • Use a space/room/area for talks/presentations. This space would be also useful for other subgroups/members who organise talks/presentations.
  • Have a Sound Studio for music/sound projects/rehearsals.
  • Have a multi use Open Space. This space would allow to set up/test/record installations and performances that involve working with video/image/sound/music/interactivity/screens. It could be also used as a photo/video studio (for instance: shootings, stop motion, streaming projects...). This space would be useful for several other subgroups (VideoHackspace, NotJustArduino, Graphics?)

What we have to offer as a group:

  • Recruitment and outreach: Music Hackspace appeals to people outside of the traditional hacker scene
  • Expertise in sound, music, promotion and event organising
  • Performances and workshops with broad appeal
  • An accessible platform for hackspace members to perform in front of an audience
  • We can fund and support a soundsystem for general use in the new space
  • We organise events that showcase hackspace members and projects

NJA and General Electronics

  • Regular activities of the group include presentations/talks, workshops.
  • Group member's build their own devices or projects and also work/hack various devices.

In terms of layout this would ideally imply that in the new space it is possible to:

  • Have an Space/Environment equipped to work on electronics whilst the existing workbench is well equipped multiple work station's with power supplies and solder station would be great
  • Have an bespoke for parts and tools to be stored in (possibly colour coded to ensure a bit more consistency with organisation
  • Use of a space/room/area for talks/presentations.
  • Have an Open Space/Environment to interact with all the other groups


  • We would ideally like to have our own room which we can get certified by the H&S executive to do GM work. If no room is available we'd like to earmark an area, which we could enclose at some later date.
  • We'd like the room to have a proper door, ventilation (as would be running freezers 24/7 which would get the place hot), and running water.
  • Ideally size of the current quiet room, so we would have enough space for our kit, and would be able to host workshops / classes in there for 10 people or so.


The darkroom requirements are:

  • A room that can be made completely dark.
  • Running water in a sink (ideally as big as possible).
  • Ventilation.


  • Natural light
  • Flat tables
  • Easy access to a sink (ideally in the same room)
  • Space to put/hang a drying rack
  • About 6 to 10 feet of clear wall space to show off what we do