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General progress

Infrastructure preparations are in full progress. At the moment we are mostly interested in skilled workers (carpentry, electrics, plumbing; but also drivers with vehicles), don't need many unskilled volunteers.

This will change as we approach the weekend of 13/14 April, which is a likely date for the actual move.

If you are looking for volunteers for tasks that aren't time critical: add a line at Hackspace_Move#Open_Tasks

Pre-move move


Lots of stuff was moved, but: people got a little over-excited and didn't always stick to the wiki plan. Some stuff got moved that shouldn't have (e.g. laptops), whereas other things were left behind (e.g. pile of servers/network/comms kit.) And: things were left in random locations and needed to be moved around the next day by Paddy and others.

Lessons learned:

  • it was excellent to have that wiki page as a discussion point _before_ the move, but ideally someone should have accompanied the team and enforced the wiki plan
  • and: should always start such actions with a quick briefing to make sure everyone knows what's going on


The old office/counter on the ground floor was demolished. We received a first delivery: plasterboard, rock wool, etc. Tomorrow we're expecting 2x4s so we can build it, delivery time 8-11am.

Paddy, Steve, Chris, Charles etc will start setting up the walls tomorrow, once everything has been delivered.


There was a discussion about indoor filtering vs actual extraction system; Charles is already asleep, but I think we're going for the latter.

Charles is planning to use PVC piping, "will ground the hell out of it."


The lift is leaking. Tgreer cleaned up the mechanism, took readings, and replaced the bucket; he'll monitor it over the next few days.

It's fine to use for light loads, but DON'T USE THE LIFT FOR PEOPLE. We're not currently insured for this; chasing quotes atm.


We have a layout for electrical conduits. (AlisonW will send a longer update soon.)


The floor has mostly been stripped, we picked out panels we can reuse, the rest is stacked in the car park. There's an ongoing discussion whether we want to paint the cement floor. It may be too expensive, but without doing so there might be a dust issue.


Internet was ordered, cf 447_Hackney_Road/Networking, The phone Line should go in on Wednesday. We're Getting 80/20 FTTC from Zen with a 1000Gb download limit - As always please use the internet in the space sensibly

We've got 6 802.11n access points on the way and will have a switch + poe injector in place over the next few days.

Door access

Doorbot was set up for some key people (infrastructure coordinators, trustees.) If you need access too, just ask. Some more work to do over the next days, including fixing a problem where the door doesn't close.

Fire Safety

There will be three emergency exits, one of which serves both ground floor and basement. More documentation here: 447_Hackney_Road/Fire_Safety


We're chasing quotes.

Other updates

  • We're chasing quotes for a skip for the move, current best offer is ~£200.
  • There's now a sofa and a few chairs, and a few tables.
  • The fire escape downstairs needs to be covered to prevent leakage. The panels have been cut ready
  • Charles set up the Makita Mitre chop saw downstairs. Misc other tools have been delivered, Chris/Hipster will bring them to 447 tomorrow.
  • Both floors have been swept but there is a certain amount of rubbish to be removed on the ground floor.
  • We have a cricket ground.
  • We need teaspoons.