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(Having a couple of chairs is a disability issue - I'm not the only one who needs to sit down. A few mugs won't harm Cremer Street, and the kettle's no good without them!)
(At current rate of consumption we're set to use up pretty much all the Club Mate at Cremer Street)
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|Boxed beer glasses
|Boxed beer glasses
|Some of the club mate stock

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Goal: Move hackspace items which are not used regularly or on a day to day basis at the space ahead of the main move date in April. Date: We are proposing to move these items on the weekend 23rd/24th March

If you can list any of the things that could get moved here that'd be grand. If you're willing to volunteer get it prepped to move and potentially help us load/unload it that'd also be amazing.

Item(s) Notes Volunteer
Dishwasher in social room
Chest of Drawers on top of said dishwasher
Pile of servers/network/comms kit under and on top of the desks in the quiet room.
CNC engraver also under desks in quiet room. Project in early stages, not likely to have any work done before the more or for some weeks after. Sci
Carpet rolls in quiet room, unless the quiet room carpet is to be replaced
Non-functioning lathes The mini lathe is packed up (parts in the black box on top) and ready to go. The green lathe is as well, but I've put the parts into two spare drawers of the 3-in-1 shelves. I may be able to help move, but it really depends on the date aaron
Knitting machine Not likely to be used during the move period
Large format printer / plotter (not the vinyl cutters, the big green/grey thing)
Boxed beer glasses
Vending machine
Train clock on vending machine
Large items in the member's area, with their owner's approval
Contents of room (toilet) behind laser cutter
Vacuum station Not technically in storage room, but should be moved as well. Sci
Brazing hearth Not currently plumbed into gas, unusable until fitted at new space. Sci
Large sheet materials near fire exit
Light box used for post table
Arcade machine
Approx half of the library sue
Basic space infrastructure - kettle, tea, mugs, chairs Willing to bet that these will migrate over even before the pre-move move :-) sue