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Please let us know what you can help out with!

Before the move

I will bring crates and rigid boxes

Please drop them off at the space, and help find a good place for them (maybe stacked in the quiet room?) Note that they may be in use for 1-2 weeks before we can return them.


  • ...

Other places to source crates:

  • Oskar mentioned http://www.junocrates.co.uk, "It seems it's about £1-4 per week depending on the crate type."
  • we have 15-20 crates in 447, some currently used for books and cabling

I will help packing

This can start even before the first boxes arrive. Make sure to check with others if you pack things that may still be in use.


  • Hipster, will coordinate workshop packing
  • Marc will coordinate Kitchen / electronics (with Apu, possibly Mentar)
  • Charles will coordinate the bike area
  • WillB
  • Ruben - will pack the darkroom stuff as soon as practicable

On 13/14 April

I will bring a van or other means of transport

Please also let us know when you will arrive, and whether you're free all weekend.


  • artag (will bring car on 13th am, maybe 14th)
  • ...
  • Oni (Will zip van be ok? Can hire from another place if we really need it)

I will coordinate volunteers

I know the space well, can think on my feet, and will help guide volunteers so everything runs smoothly.

  • Martind (talk)
  • Aaron (if necessary. Happy to be just a pack animal though)
  • Mark
  • WillB (Can coordinate move of contents of wet lab, and more if required)
  • Russ (talk)
  • Sully

I will bring lifting & moving equipment

Please mention what you are bringing: trolleys, skates, and/or other means of moving heavy things.

  • artag : car, sack trolley
  • Mark: car if needed (would prefer to help move, though)

I will help carry things

Early on Saturday 13 (around 9am to 3pm)

Later on Saturday 13 (around 3pm to 9pm)

Early on Sunday 14 (around 9am to 3pm)

  • Marc
  • aaron
  • Ian Lewis (probably closer to 9.30-10 due to engineering work)
  • Richard Hering
  • Crypt
  • Jasper - but might be at the new space helping direct unloading

Later on Sunday 14 (around 3pm to 9pm)