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Please let us know what you can help out with!

Action Plan

For the weekend of 13/14 April.

  • We'll do it firemen's relay style: lots of people in Cremer St load stuff in vans, some people drive, a final group receives & stores things at the new space.
  • Come to Cremer St first, and ask around what needs doing. (Initially we need more people there. We may send a few people to 447.)
  • If you're packing: make sure to prominently label all boxes.
  • As soon as possible start carrying things to the loading bay downstairs, this can start even before any transport is available.
  • If it's not clear what to do: a few people will be around to coordinate, find those people to receive instructions.

A rough outline for temporary storage areas in 447 is here: Hackspace_Move/Logistics

All items with a few exceptions are now at 447 Hackney Road, please come to there to help get our new space into a working state

Before the move

I will bring crates and rigid boxes

Please drop them off at the space, and help find a good place for them (maybe stacked in the quiet room?) Note that they may be in use for 1-2 weeks before we can return them.


  • Marc
  • ...

Other places to source crates:

  • Oskar mentioned http://www.junocrates.co.uk, "It seems it's about £1-4 per week depending on the crate type."
  • we have 15-20 crates in 447, some currently used for books and cabling

I will help packing

This can start even before the first boxes arrive. Make sure to check with others if you pack things that may still be in use.

On Friday 12th: We need 'at least 4 people to help packing if we want to .be ready for Saturday. We have instructions by the entrance. If you don't know what/how to pack: Ask Marc or Charlie.


  • Marc will coordinate Kitchen + electronics (with Mentar). I'll be there until 6pm on Friday.
  • Charles will coordinate the workshop
  • WillB
  • Ruben - will pack the darkroom stuff as soon as practicable
  • Mentar - Packing electronics (including radio) with help from Marc

On 13/14 April

I will bring a van or other means of transport

Please also let us know when you will arrive, and whether you're free all weekend.


  • Sol/Oni with a Luton - Picking up at 9, first load collected from cremer ~10.30
  • artag (will bring car on 13th am, maybe 14th)

I will coordinate volunteers

I know the space well, can think on my feet, and will help guide volunteers so everything runs smoothly.

  • Martind (talk)
  • Aaron (if necessary. Happy to be just a pack animal though)
  • Mark
  • WillB (Can coordinate move of contents of wet lab, and more if required)
  • Russ (talk)
  • Sully
  • Mentar For the electronics/radio stuff

I will bring lifting & moving equipment

Please mention what you are bringing: trolleys, skates, and/or other means of moving heavy things.

  • artag : car, sack trolley
  • Mark: car if needed (would prefer to help move, though)

I will help carry things

Early on Saturday 13 (around 9am to 3pm)

Later on Saturday 13 (around 3pm to 9pm)

Early on Sunday 14 (around 9am to 3pm)

  • Marc
  • aaron
  • Ian Lewis (probably closer to 9.30-10 due to engineering work)
  • Richard Hering
  • Crypt
  • Jasper - but might be at the new space helping direct unloading
  • Metz
  • Koruvax - 10-11 rather than 9
  • Sue Spence

Later on Sunday 14 (around 3pm to 9pm)