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This page is for planning the build out of our new space, currently centred on 445 Hackney Road.

Please note, this is for planning on bringing up a new space to the level we currently enjoy, not wild new awesome things. (that can come after) This is so that we have a action and cost plan to maintain the level of our current space.


  • Extraction for individual tools and room dust.
  • Power distribution to the center of the room etc
  • Moar network sockets around room (ACnode)
  • Look at flooring situation

Ground Floor

  • Moar network
  • Mid room power
  • Kitchen build out
  • Window replacement or insulation
  • Front door build
  • Building of classroom

Car Park

  • Member access for car parking and bike storage


  • Heating (we don't have to use any at Cremer St. What will it cost to run ? How will we choose the settings ?)