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Pre Move

All this stuff needs to be done before we can officially open

Ground Floor


  • fit power and network sockets in the new walls. Network sockets done and gigabit certified.
  • finish new walls.
  • lift and fix broken bits of floor
    • will probably need the shelving removed
  • finish a few trunking bits
  • fit skirting board
  • fit access point to ceiling - needs to wait for paint to dry
  • paint walls - almost done!
  • fit doors


  • fix doorbell done!
  • wire up a doorbot and the doorbell and bellpush etc.


  • more network sockets
  • more power sockets
  • clean under windows. - 1/4 done

quiet room

  • run network to basement
  • fit access point.
  • move shelves
  • paint walls
  • clean windows
  • replace damaged flooring
    • need to re-attach skirting board.

Back door area

  • fix doorlock (please!).
  • finish some trunking bits.
  • finish boxing in doorbot.



  • Filler walls
  • Paint metal shop floor
  • Sand walls - Thursday
  • Paint walls - Thursday
  • Clad miniworkshop walls - Friday
  • Put up power/network trunking - Friday
  • Place tools - Saturday
  • Place sockets/run cable - Saturday/Sunday
  • Run extraction to tools
  • Automate filtration
  • Run plumbing to workshop sink/biolab

biohacker room

  • power sockets


  • fttc
  • config an access point
    • test it
    • clone config to other ap's
    • mount access points tidly

Post Move

This is a list of things that arn't vital to the space function but need to get done

Ground floor

  • Install a hood over the roller shutter door so there's no gap to the outside at the top when closed


  • Fit projector screen
  • Fit projector
  • Led board
  • Scrub paint from floors


  • lasercutter

Lobby Area

  • signage


  • Led board


  • fit and fix the bandwidth meter
  • spacefed
  • v6 tunnel (?)
  • A&A v6
  • bufferbloat kernel and tuning
  • bandwidth management of some kind.