Halloween Open Day

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Proposed Halloween open day.

Date TBC - Proposed Sat 2nd November


Halloween themed open day on the 2nd november


  • Tim,Tom and Charles want to cover the carpark in a layer of fog and make fake gravestones. As part of this we'll be ordering 10kg of dry ice. So if you can think of fun things to do with it...
    • We want it so we can attempt to flood the carpark with low level fog
    • we could do the "bubbling evil drink" thing as well, but for the love of $GODS do not drink it
    • Jonty wants to build a cloudchamber. So do I - Tom
  • Tim,Tom and Charles may also want to run a large scale game in the car park. We may need some space. Details to follow.


  • MotherDragon has offered glowinthedark edibles