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== Current state ==
== Current state ==
The phone system is currently operational, however, the service provider is making enquiries about its' usage.
The phone system is currently operational at my place.
== Purpose ==
== Purpose ==

Latest revision as of 16:14, 6 March 2017

Inter-galactic space phone
Model Rotary Phone
Sub-category Audio/Visual
Status Good working order
Last updated 6 March 2017 16:14:39
Consumables Landline
Accessories Unknown
Training requirement no
Training link Unknown
ACnode no
Owner yvanj
Origin created in the space
Location LHS Bikeshed

This is the big red emergency phone to call in for help from other galaxies

Current state

The phone system is currently operational at my place.


This phone system directly links with a similar set-up in a foreign hackerspace, allowing people to cooperate on the missions. It is modelled as a big red phone you can use in dire need.

Technical setup

This setup uses the spare line we have, and we have an arduino in the phone to keep it constantly connected. We have had issues with the line timing out after 2-3hours, so essentially we now just disconnect and reconnect the line every so often.

Future plans

Currently only two spaces are connected, in two countries. We are planning to expand this to more in the future, creating a conference-like ability where you can just pick up the phone and speak to anyone in the system.