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* tgreer
* tgreer
* Jasper
* Jasper
* Phil
* [[User:Cepmender|Phil]]
* [[User:deanforbes|Dean Forbes]]
* [[User:deanforbes|Dean Forbes]]

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The keys to the space are passed around amongst the regular members who live close to the space, in case of emergency. Normally access is via RFID cards.

Current keyholders


The key safe in the rear lobby contains all the internal space keys, including:

  • Front door and shutter
  • Electricity room
  • Heating room
  • Lift room

Keysafe Code Holders

The following members are allowed to have the keysafe code. Do not change this list unless you are a trustee.

Front Roller Shutter Key Holders

  • Jose Vidal

Contacting a keyholder

Please use IRC to request a phone number if it's not linked above.

Handing over keys

If you pass on a key to another member, it is your responsibility to update this page.

Letting this page get out of date is punishable by paying for one round in the pub.

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