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LED screen tiles donated by Mistamud. See mailing list thread here.

LED tile

What is it

  • Frame containing 6 LED tiles

LED Frame.jpg

  • Controller/PSU "Infiled"


  • 46 individual LED tiles

What are we doing with it?

The space is likely to keep the frame and controller/PSU, and maybe a few extra screens depending on final decision.

Project maintainers

  • Elisabeth Anderson
  • .....

Tiles for members

The space keeps the frame and controller, plus possibly a few extra screens (decision tbc), which would leave about 40 for members. Register you interest (before 16th Jan) and keep an eye on the mailing list for update on when the tiles are ready to collect. (update: added members who registered their interest on the mailing list as well)

  • 01. Lee Jones (2 if possible please).
  • 02. Nigle
  • 03. Toby Catlin
  • 04. Matt P
  • 05. Aden (2)
  • 06. Henry Sands
  • 07. Matt Wheeler (4 if possible)
  • 08. Egor Kraev
  • 09. Mike (Upto 4, if possible, please)
  • 10. Pingless
  • 11. Asc (2 please)
  • 12. James Cadman
  • 13. Henry Best
  • 14. Martin Goodman (2 please)
  • 15. Thomas Hill
  • 16. JJ (2 please)
  • 17. Michael Margolis (2 if possible)
  • 18. Robin Baumgarten (2 if possible)
  • 19. Giac0m0 (2 if possible)
  • 20. Bennage (2 if possible, please)
  • 21. Det (1)
  • 22. betandr
  • 23. Ciborg (2 please)
  • 24.Stefan Sabo (HS07764) 2

No more names please, they've all gone

N.B. If you've not done anything with the tile after 3 months please bring it back to the space as someone else may wish to do something with it, don't just let it gather dust in a corner!

LED Specs

The 'tile' contains the matrix of SMDs and the driver ICs and multiplexing to run but you'll need 5v dc and some kind of Pi / Arduino / Nova or Linsn Scancard to control them.

Back of the tile LED-pinout.jpg

Rough Specs sent by Tom:

LEDs Per Pixel 1R1G1B

Red Wavelength (Dominant) 625 ~ 630

Green Wavelength (Dominant) 520 ~ 525 Blue Wavelenghth (Dominant) 470 ~ 475 PIXELS Pixel Confi guration SMD 3528 LED Type Black Diamond LEDs Per Area LEDs/m2 67,635 Physical Pixel Pitch mm 6.66

Physical Pixels Per Area pixels/m2 22,545 Panel:

LED Tile Width mm 320 LED Tile Height mm 120 Viewing Angle – Horizontal degrees 140 Viewing Angle - Vertical degrees 120

Frame and controller/PSU specs

- Frame containing 6 LED tiles - Controller/PSU "Infiled"

This is a link to the manufacturers page here: http://www.infiled.com/chanpin/yingyong-3/20131223/250.html

Also a PDF: http://www.infiled.com/uploads/soft/L%20RSS.pdf

Building a LED wall

On this Mistamud says: You'll need a card called a Scancard. (the brains found inside each and every LED panel): http://www.led-card.com/product_info.php?cPath=24&products_id=314

The signal that goes into the Scancard on Cat5 cable needs to come from a Sender Card: http://www.led-card.com/product_info.php?cPath=23&products_id=15. The signal that goes into a Sender card is good ol' DVI from your laptop.

There's also some info on the progress made with the previous screens here

Michael Margolis thinks that they can be controlled by the SmartMatrix library: https://github.com/pixelmatix/SmartMatrix

and Adafruit have a shield for the teensy with a connector that should(?) work with these tiles : https://www.adafruit.com/products/1902

You can find his mailing list post here: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/london-hack-space/Gs4_P4Je1gw/HFshYAzhEQAJ