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This page will explain how to get the best quality engraving results out of the software that is already available on the Hackspace computers, namely GIMP for the editing and LaserCut for the actual engraving.

The Mona Lisa engraved on some MDF at 300DPI equivalent.
Vermeer's "Girl With A Pearl Earring" engraved on some MDF at 300DPI equivalent.

How To Produce The Images

You begin by importing the file you want to engrave into the GIMP editing software. Most, if not all of the Hackspace computers have this installed.


Hints, Tips, and References

  • Images will work best if DPI is matched to the Scan Gap
  • One way to prepare images is to reduce the image to black and white using dithering.
  • For wood, etching makes things darker, but for acrylic, etching makes things lighter.