Laser Cutter/Lesson Notes

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Lasercutter lesson notes

Welcome turn on first to start cooling of tube etc check fan is working check main pump is working check coolbot is working don't let the cutter go over 25 deg

turn on pc under desk open lasercutter soft files over usb or network import file rudementory drawing tools putting lines on layers (and how to do it from cad first)

H+O on engrave line engrave cut

show setting sheet

show use of "unite lines" and how lines must be closed to work with engrave settings

show how to correctly set bed height remind about c02

start job

during: don't leave the cutter show use of pause button what to do if there is a fire

 press big red button and use c02
 mail list
 don't use more

use log book pay for usage

when finished the cutter beeps and you can remove your work

what materials you can use, use our offcuts. dont use pvc or try to cut metal test for clorine

good places to get materials what to do if it goes wrong email the list if problems