Laser upgrade

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We are looking at upgrading the laser

Pledge opened: 19.12.2019

Pledge leader: deanforbes

Budget estimation

  • I've taken a thumb suck of 150 quid (maybe less see below - Padski)

software 40 hardware 80 sundries 30

we have had an offer of some kit but let's get the ball rolling for the rest and put a purse together

We will also be looking at installing limit switches and a more sensible (and easier to clean) bed replacement

if there is money left over it will be used for other kit in the workshops or donated to the hackspace general fund.


  • modernise the software and hardware


  • £10 -- deanforbes
  • £20 -- marrold
  • £20 -- Maheemal K.B.
  • £10 -- Wisamhamoui - PAID
  • £20 -- Paddy Duncan - PAID
  • £20 -- Drew M
  • £20 -- Tamar
  • £30 -- Welshie - PAID

Running total: £150

Approximate target: £150

Please pay in your pledges into the hackspace account directly (same as membership) account and make sure to use the reference laser-upgrade, once paid please mark them as PAID on this page next to your name in the pledge list.

Bank Account Details