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This page is to information for people who are interested in the metal lathe. If you have previous experience you will normally be allowed to use the lathe after a induction session (to cover any queries and provide a brief guide.

The problem with these machines is that there are hundreds of techniques to learn and much needs to be done hands-on, so it isn't practical to run lectures. Most people will have knowledge only of the techniques that they have needed to date.

You will only need to learn basic's to get started

To get started you will need proper respect for the machines to ensure your and their safety requires some instruction in terms of skill and technique.

Once you have learned to use the machine safely for the basics, you will have to acquire more knowledge through asking people, reading books, and from internet resources. If you have no previous experience you will need to invest much more effort and be very careful. please understand the level of commitment required. This is not a 5 minute talk and a bit of software.

In order to get a place on a training session you will need to watch for announcements on the 'lhs-induction-requests' channel on the hackspace Discord server


The current maintainers are Liam Lynch, Dean Forbes Toby and Tim

Training Sessions

Typically the training sessions can last up to 4 hours, they are intended to bring members to a level where they can use the machine safely.


Good footwear, Eye protection (should normally be available in the space), No Baggy clothing or un-restrained hair.

please watch the required videos - MIT have made a set of training videos

  • Lathe 1: Lathe basics; turning and facing; cutting off a part
  • Lathe 2: Tapping; boring; knurling; cutting tapers; turning shafts with a live centre; single point thread turning

recommended viewing

Waiting List

For the time being there is a combined waiting list for this and the milling machine, see Metal Lathe/ Mill Training Waiting List

Authorised Members

  • 2022.05.25 / Dave / HS33388 / Beginner L1 - TM
  • 2022.04.21 / Rob / HS27573 / Beginner L1 - TM
  • 2022.03.25 / Dragos / HS32771 / Beginner L1 - TM
  • 2022.02.28 / Petr / HS33204 / Intermediate L2 - TM
  • 2022.09.15 / Chris / HS32763 / Intermediate L2 - DF
  • 2020.09.15 / Ana / HS28349 / Beginner L1 - DF
  • 2020.09.15 / Robert / HS28863 / Intermediate L2 - DF