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This page is used to track training sessions for the metal lathe

Training is given and is available to all London Hackspace members. You must pre-register your place below, If you have not yet joined London Hackspace, please do so before joining training!

Please watch the Mailing List for announcements. registering you interest is on a first-come-first-served basis on this list , if you don't respond when contacted we will move on to the next person on the list.

You must watch the videos before coming to a training session

If you don't respond or attend your training session you will be removed this from the list - this will save wasting people's time and allow other to use the equipment

Feel free to ask for help on the Mailing List, but please read the [[1]] first.

Training sessions will be co-ordinated by the maintainers.

waiting List

X - name / membership number / skill level

  • Peter Leadback / HS29998 / skill level
  • Marek / HS29869 / skill level None
  • Karin / HS19365 / beginner
  • Claude / HS06182 / beginner
  • Andrew / HS27482 / beginner
  • Graham / HS24390 / very rusty
  • Jeremy / HS30129 / beginner
  • Erinc / HS30850 / beginner

Authorised Members

  • 2020.09.15 / Ana / HS28349 / Beginner L1 - DF
  • 2020.09.15 / Robert / HS28863 / intermediate L2 - DF