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100L Kettle100L KettleBrewing KitchenDetGood working order21 November 2019 12:22:15
Air Compressor SGS 14CFMAir Compressor SGS 14CFMMetal WorkshopPledge - advance purchaseGood working order16 May 2019 10:40:55
Archive:Alexander Tool Cutter and GrinderArchive:Alexander Tool Cutter and GrinderBasementDean Forbes (Long Term Loan)Removed16 May 2019 10:45:08
BBQ (Girraffe)BBQ (Girraffe)YardDean Forbes (Long Term Loan)Scrapped2 June 2019 08:59:12
BBQ (Wart Hog)BBQ Wart HogYardThe universeScrapped2 June 2019 08:59:41
BrewbotBrewbotGimp ClosetDetGood working order18 November 2013 12:08:45
BridgePort InteractArchive:Bridgeport Interact CNC MillBasement,Dean and MattReturned to owner21 January 2019 11:49:56
Archive:Bridgeport Interact CNC MillArchive:Bridgeport Interact CNC MillBasement machine tool areaDean ForbesUnder construction25 July 2016 10:41:43
Charnwood table sawCharnwood 8" table sawWoodshopAndy TidmanSold2 June 2019 08:46:23
Clarke Strong-Arm 12 ton pipe benderClarke Strong-Arm 12 ton pipe benderGeneral WorkshopCalum MillbankUnknown2 June 2019 08:44:10
CNC Spindle ChillerCNC Spindle ChillerBasement, CNC areaAndy TidmanUnder construction2 January 2017 14:46:01
CNC Table VacuumCNC Table VacuumBasementDean ForbesUnder construction21 January 2019 11:52:24
Crimp pliersCrimp pliersOn component racks near the front doorRussGood working order16 December 2013 19:06:52
DAC PhoneDAC PhoneBack Gate FenceUser:PaulGood working order12 January 2016 22:51:26
Equipment/12inch Chester MultiformerMetal-formerNigleGood working order10 February 2016 16:43:06
Equipment/AxminsterPlanerAxminster Planer ThicknesserWood workshopMatthew GillUnknown21 December 2015 22:44:23
Equipment/BBC AF signal generatorBBC sig-genGround Floor Electronics LabRussUnknown8 December 2019 18:22:12
Equipment/Bird 43 Watt MeterEquipment/Bird 43 Watt MeterRadio ClubGood working order21 March 2019 23:44:49
Archive:Equipment/BorgArchive:Equipment/BorgBasement rackHackspaceScrapped16 May 2019 10:47:11
Equipment/Boxford CNC MillEquipment/CNC MillBasement, CNC areaDean ForbesReturned to owner21 January 2019 11:52:40
Equipment/CactusFarmCactus FarmHub in the quiet roomJasperWScrapped23 November 2018 18:25:22
Equipment/Dewalt Table sawDewalt Table SawWoodshopHackspaceMitre fence has been damaged by dropping, and cannot be used11 January 2020 12:27:53
Equipment/Donkey SawDonkey sawGround Floor, Metal WorkshopLondon HackspaceGood working order4 June 2019 06:19:58
Equipment/Hitachi ED-X3450Hitachi ED-X3450 video projectorSullyScrapped21 January 2016 21:43:21
Equipment/Hitachi VC-6545Hitachi CRT Digital Storage oscilloscope1st Floor Electronics LabHackspaceGood working order2 January 2019 23:35:08
Equipment/HP3488A Electronic Switch UnitEquipment/HP3488A Electronic Switch UnitUser:Dirkx29 May 2013 16:55:37
Archive:Equipment/HP Designjet 500 PlusHP Designjet 500 Plus 42-in Roll PrinterGround floor, main areaJoshReturned to owner2 June 2019 08:53:34
Equipment/MillSmall milling machineBasement, WorkshopNigel WGood working order23 March 2019 20:16:44
Equipment/OldVinylCutterJinka Vinyl Cutter (JK721, 72 cm)Arts/crafts areaHipsterReturned to Owner17 February 2019 13:02:11
Equipment/OverlockerOverlockerArts/crafts areaCecilyRemoved16 September 2015 13:32:48
Equipment/PCB etch stationPCB etching stationGround Floor, Murder KitchenArtagGood working order30 May 2019 18:59:42
Equipment/PCB shearPCB shearUpstairs, shelves opposite the quiet room doorMentarMIssing23 January 2019 17:52:27
Equipment/Radial Arm SawRadial Arm SawWoodshopHackspaceUnder construction15 January 2020 12:11:39
Equipment/Rigol DS1052EDigital oscilloscopeStolen.HackspaceStolen21 January 2019 12:26:35
Equipment/RoutingTablePro Router/Saw TableWoodshopPhil (cepmender)Needs a replacement router, Table co-opted by modellers as a tool cart2 June 2019 08:47:58
Equipment/Scanner/Canon CanoScanLiDE 30Flatbed scannerUnknownLayer1gfxGood working order9 September 2014 09:14:47
Equipment/ScrollsawScrollsawBasement, workshopCharles SeberUnknown21 December 2015 22:46:39
Equipment/Sedgwick Table sawSedgwick Table SawWoodshopHackspace9 August 2019 08:02:31
Equipment/Spray etching machineSpray etching machineGround Floor, Murder KitchenPaddyDUnder construction23 January 2019 17:51:42
Equipment/StaubliStaubli robot armRobotics groupUnder construction31 March 2019 23:45:28
Equipment/TC1TC1 Multifunction component tester1st Floor Electronics LabHackspaceGood working order19 June 2019 08:00:41
Equipment/Tshirt Heat PressSwing heat press machine 29x38cmGround floor, crafts areaYetiFiascoGood working order1 December 2019 12:19:43
Equipment/UltimakersUltimakers 1 & 2RemovedWevolverRemoved3 May 2016 09:08:32
Equipment/Uni-T UTD2052CLDigital oscilloscope1st Floor Electronics LabHackspaceGood working order20 November 2018 16:48:24
Equipment/USRPEttus USRPUser:Russ6 June 2013 21:33:11
Equipment/UV Exposure BoxEquipment/UV Exposure BoxGround Floor, Murder KitchenMentarGood working order21 January 2019 12:24:14
Farley precision table sawPrecision table sawWoodshopAndy TidmanUnknown21 January 2019 11:59:57
Gantry CNCGantry CNCBasement,Slides LHS //frame, spindle and VFD currently on loan //Location not known21 January 2019 11:53:22
GMN Plough Grinding MachineSurface Grinding MachineBasement, Dirty Metal ShopDean ForbesUnder construction6 May 2015 15:01:40
Inter-galactic space phoneInter-galactic space phoneLHS BikeshedYvanjGood working order6 March 2017 16:14:39
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