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:* '''26th May 2013''' [[GraphicsHackspace|OpenGL Beginners Course]]
:* '''26th May 2013''' [[GraphicsHackspace|OpenGL Beginners Course]]
:* '''1st June 2013''' [[Workshops/Open_Rail_Data_Workshop_II|Open Rail Data Workshop II]]
:* '''31st July - 4th August 2013''' [[OHM 2013|OHM: Observe, Hack, Make]] (in the Netherlands)
:* '''31st July - 4th August 2013''' [[OHM 2013|OHM: Observe, Hack, Make]] (in the Netherlands)

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The London Hackspace is a non-profit hackerspace in central London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge.
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388 High Road, HA9 6AR
Find us online: WebsiteIRCTwitterFacebookFlickrThingiverseGitHub
Inside our wood & metal working area
Electronics building area
Hacking through the night

We've just moved to a massive new location on Hackney road, with dedicated classrooms and workshops. Come visit us on our open evenings every Tuesday.


Google Calendar is our canonical list of events, but here's a selection. All events listed are at 447 Hackney Road (unless otherwise noted). See also: planning an event.


Coming up

Current list of potential workshops | Non-hackspace organised events of interest

Beer nights

You just missed

  • 12 May 2013 Hackspace 3.0 Open Day and Warming Party! Visit, Investigate, Join!
  • 5 May 2013 Electromagnetic Wave (on the MS Stubnitz in Canary Wharf)
  • 25th Feb 2013, 19:00 Not Just Arduino user group
  • 21st February 2013 - A wake for Telstar 1, which went off-air 50 years ago today
  • 3rd Feb 2013, 20:00 Bad TV Night - we watched War Games and some other bad stuff
  • Annual General Meeting, Wed, 5 December, 20:00 – 21:00, MozSpace London, 101 St. Martins Lane, WC2N 4AZ

Other things

This wiki

  • There are 828 articles in this wiki, covering all aspects of the hackspace.