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[[Hack Evening Workshops|Current list of potential workshops]] | [[Other Events|Non-hackspace organised events of interest]]
[[Hack Evening Workshops|Current list of potential workshops]] | [[Other Events|Non-hackspace organised events of interest]]
:* [[Vinylcutter_Training|Vinylcutter Training]] - On a friday near you, depending on demand.
:* [[Organisation/2013_AGM|2013 AGM]] Paid-up Members Only.
:* [[Vinylcutter_Training|Vinylcutter Training]] - depending on demand.
=== You just missed ===
=== You just missed ===

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The London Hackspace is a non-profit hackerspace in central London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge.
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388 High Road, HA9 6AR
Find us online: WebsiteIRCTwitterFacebookFlickrThingiverse • • GitHub
Inside our wood & metal working area
Electronics building area
Hacking through the night

We've recently moved to a massive new location on Hackney road, with dedicated classrooms and workshops. Come visit us on our open evenings every Tuesday.


Google Calendar is our canonical list of events, but here's a selection. All events listed are at 447 Hackney Road (unless otherwise noted). See also: planning an event.


Coming up

Current list of potential workshops | Non-hackspace organised events of interest

You just missed

(non-exhaustive list, the amount of stuff actually going on at the space is quite exhausting).

Other things

Core Material

  • Library - Useful reading material
  • Infrastructure - List of ongoing Hackspace infrastructure projects. Layout, storage, ...
  • Suppliers - In the local area and online
  • Equipment - Incomplete list of the stuff we have and its status.
  • Maintenance - The space doesn't clean itself. Know how you should be helping.
  • Pledges - Does the space lack something you want to use? See if others will combine efforts to get it.
  • Consumables, Wishlist - We try stock cheap little things for convenience. Donate or restock to help maintain.


Guides and Rules

  • Rules - Know the rules!
  • Guides - Find out how things work and how to safely get involved.
  • Filming - Our policy on filming in the space
  • Internet Use Policy - We have a lovely connection. Please don't ruin it for us.
  • Bringing items - Space is limited and precious, know what's allowed
  • Faceplant - Common mistakes. Don't inadvertently destroy our equipment!


This wiki

  • There are 821 articles in this wiki, covering all aspects of the hackspace.