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'''<font color="red">
'''<font color="red">
[[Ujima House]] is now currently under refurbishment and we'd love your help in making the space the best it can be. 
[[Ujima House]] is now open, but all the facilities aren't available current due to ongoing refurbishment which we'd love your help with!'''
During this interim period [https://london.hackspace.org.uk/donate.php donations] and continued membership are greatly appreciated while we transition to a new space. </font>'''
== Location ==
== Location ==

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The London Hackspace is a non-profit hackerspace in London: a community-run workshop where people come to share tools and knowledge.
Inside our wood & metal working area
Electronics building area
Hacking through the night

Ujima House is now open, but all the facilities aren't available current due to ongoing refurbishment which we'd love your help with!


388 High Road
(Google Map Location) Lat: 51.5539537 Long: -0.2920435

Nearest Train/Tube Stations: Wembley Central and Wembley Stadium served by London Overground, Bakerloo Underground Line, Chiltern Main Line, and many TfL London Bus Services.


The space is now open! If you want to plan or run an event, please contact us by out mailing list.

Other things

Core Material

  • Library - Useful reading material. Update this when you borrow, return or contribute books.
  • Maintenance - The space doesn't improve itself. Know how you should be helping.
  • Suppliers - In the local area and online
  • Equipment - Incomplete list of the stuff we have and its status.
  • Pledges - Does the space lack something you want to use? See if others will combine efforts to get it.
  • Consumables, Wishlist - We try stock cheap little things for convenience. Donate or restock to help maintain.
  • Classroom - We have a classroom used to hold workshops, sessions, and just chilling out in


  • News - We're trying to create highlights of what happens
  • Projects - Some people have documented their personal projects
  • Subgroups - Like-minded groups at the space
  • Members - Non-comprehensive list of members and photos
  • Job Board - Employers, employees, and contractors can find each other here
  • Skill Swap - Swap time
  • SwapShop - Exchange and advertise unwanted stuff
  • Other Events - List non-LHS organised events of interest to the community.

Guides and Rules

  • Rules - Know the rules!
  • Guides - Find out how things work and how to safely get involved.
  • Filming & Photography - Our policy on filming and photography in the space
  • Internet Use Policy - We have a lovely connection. Please don't ruin it for us.
  • Bringing items - Space is limited and precious, know what's allowed
  • Faceplant - Common mistakes. Don't inadvertently destroy our equipment!


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