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Things occasionally go missing in the hackspace. Most of them turn up (Russ's first law of Hackspace) but some don't.

This page is a place to record things that have been lost, especially if you suspect they've been taken away by persons unknown.


If you lose something, list it here, with your contact details.
It's OK to list stuff that belongs to the space. Your contact details are still useful even if it's not personal property.
If you've taken it, not realising it wasn't free, please get in touch and return it.


  • Dell Ultrasharp monitor 22-24" with HDMI input (mailing list thread). List notified on 7th October 2013

Grey Big Jambox speakers (mailing list thread). Listed notified on 16th August 2013

Over six months ago

  • Tomwyatt's projector
  • Global Specialties PB103 breadboard was lost by Elliot on the evening of Tuesday the 5th April 2011.
  • More Minumus development boards, 32K type, from drrk's order (were waiting in the quiet room for collection)
  • Mobile phone charger Galaxy S3 (see picture here) (left and lost in the space a while back, but realised just now there was a lost and found section) Marc
  • Allied Telesys MR820T Ethernet Hub
  • 2x Microsoft Kinects (!) - One was donated and one was pledged for.
  • The Variac. It seems to have disappeared. Noticed about NY 2013..
  • Keyless chuck for the 3-in-1 mailing list thread


If the item turns up, please move it to the list below or remove it completely. We don't want to get upset about stuff that's no longer missing.

  • AVR programmer (solexious found it on the electronics bench, put it in the arduino bin 20/11/12)
  • HDMI/DVI adapter for Google TV