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|origin=Donation from Lulzbot
|origin=Donation from Lulzbot
|location=3D printer area, Ground floor
|location=3D printer area, Ground floor
|maintainers=cptPrime (Timour), tgreer (Thomas), James N
|maintainers=tgreer, Welshie
=== Crump ===
=== Crump ===

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Lulzbot 2 (Crump)
Hackspace Unknown.png
Model Lulzbot Mini Flexystuder
Sub-category CNC
Status Check the Tools Status Page
Last updated 11 August 2019 13:44:15
Consumables Ninjaflex filament
Accessories Print removal knife, Pritt stick
Training requirement yes
Training link https://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Lulzbot_Mini_Training
ACnode yes
Owner Hackspace
Origin Donation from Lulzbot
Location 3D printer area, Ground floor
Maintainers tgreer, Welshie


Crump is a Lulzbot Mini Flexystuder.
Accessible via http://crump from inside the hackspace network.


Only use the provided Ninjaflex filament.


Using the printers costs £1.50/hour of printing + 50p/meter of filament. Octoprint gives you both of these.


Training is required. There is a cost of £5 to be trained (waived if trained on the old printer), payable to the trainer.


All prints are to be logged via : http://goo.gl/forms/ARNWXexh7zXHSq8p1