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At London Hackspace, we use the MQTT protocol to pass messages between systems.

  • Doorbots send /door/doorname/announcements messages
  • Doorbots send /door/doorname/bell messages when the doorbell button is pressed
  • Doorbots send /door/doorname/status messages every 30 seconds or so
  • acnodes send /tool/toolname/status messages every 30 seconds or so
  • bandwidth meter listens for /door/+/announcements, /door/+/bell messages
  • signs listens for /door/+/announcements, /door/+/bell messages

MQTT server is, a virtual machine running on landin

if the mosquitto process is restarted, most clients should reconnect. Those that don't automatically reconnect at present include listener-ola, listener-signs, listener-bmeter, glados, listener-irc, listener-lastseen