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'''A:''' Subscribe to the announce list instead.
'''A:''' Subscribe to the announce list instead.
'''A:''' If you use gmail, you can stop receiving emails for threads that you aren't interested in. More Actions->Mute.

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This is the mailing list FAQ please read it before posting, if your question is answered here please don't ask again, if you only want to clarify a point it's probably quicker (and easier) to check on IRC.

Q: I'm interested in the laser cutter....

A: the Laser cutter is a very delicate and expensive piece of kit, please read the page on it and come to a training session; these are held every Tuesday at some point within the evening (just ask around) you don't need to book for this, just turn up on a Tuesday and ask. Please don't use the laser cutter until someone has shown you how. If you can't make Tuesday either come along on another evening and ask someone via the list or on IRC to confirm that they can teach you.

Q: Can I cut X on the laser cutter?

A: maybe, check the wiki page. If it's not listed find out if it contains chlorine; some plastics do, if you put them in the laser cutter you will create chlorine gas, which is not good. Materials of an unknown origin should be tested for chlorine.

Q: Can someone run a workshop on X

A: If you want to see a particular workshop add it to the request list. If you can propose what you would like to learn about the topic (eg biohacking, do you want to know about all of it or just making biofuel?), if there is anyone that you know who can teach it (always good to check with them first), how long you want the workshop to be (5 minute lightening talk or 2 day marathon?) and any other information that you have on the topic. In general the more organisation you do the more likely it is that the workshop will happen (see rule 5).

Q: Are people interested in a workshop on X

A: Yes. Look at our workshops page if you don't believe us; we have over 200 members who are interested in pretty much everything under the sun. It will be easier to organise if you can mail the list with a few dates when you can do it; what you plan to cover; how long you'd like to do it for and any equipment that people will need (how much it will cost.)

Q: I have X, does the space want it?

A: maybe, in general ask the space but please remember:

  • To first consult the guide on bringing items to the space.
  • We're not a museum, we don't exist to keep stuff just because it's cool (although we wish we could)
  • We're not a storage company, if you just want somewhere to store things then please either keep it at home or expect others to use it at the space (unless it's in your storage box, obviously.)
  • If you're lending/giving equipment: thank you! Remember though that tools will be used (a lot and not always as carefully as you might) so think carefully and make a page for it so people know how to use it and what should be with it (eg manuals, chucks etc). If necessary run a workshop on it.
  • Raw materials: are useful but only those that are actually useful, chunks of chipboard are not useful.
  • Things you're throwing out that others may want: give a shout out on the list but remember we also have a SwapShop for this so post it on there. Additionally make sure you arrange exchange of the item, as "I leave it in the space for you" is very vague and will likely end up with it being thrown out and/or hacked.
  • Computers/computer bits: we have a lot; feel free to offer it on the list/SwapShop in case someone wants it but for the space itself we're probably ok.

Q: How do I unsubscribe

A: why do you want to? If the list is too noisy/busy please see this question. If you actually want to unsubscribe then go to this link and you should be able to unsubscribe. If this, for some reason, doesn't work then google "london hackspace mailing list", click on the "google groups" link then "edit my membership" on the right hand side the click the 'unsubscribe' button on the bottom right.

Q: This list is too noisy!

A: Sorry, the mailing list is very busy (currently at 1,200+ posts per month.) Obviously this can be a lot to keep up with so remember there are alternatives to the 'fire hose' approach: going to 'edit my membership' in google groups you can change to a digest mode, or use the google groups forum view to see the items as more coherent threads.

A: Subscribe to the announce list instead.

A: If you use gmail, you can stop receiving emails for threads that you aren't interested in. More Actions->Mute.