Makers Day Oct 2019

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We're holding another "Makers Day" on Saturday the 19th of Oct from 12:00 - 18:00.

This will be a large open day where people can have a look around the hackspace to see what we get up to, and be tempted to become members if they aren't already ;-)

We've got many of our regular members showing up specifically for this day to show case the amazing hackspace and what it has to offer:

  • GB4LHS radio demo for those interested in "amateur" radio and talking with people on the other side of the planet!
  • Woodwork demos in the well equipped wood working space
  • A comprehensive but brief laser cutter demo
  • A 6 axis robot printing demo
  • See our amazing microscopic world in the biolab (via some microscopes) and chat about all things biotech, etc!
  • USB morse key/challenge
  • A couple of the metal bashers around to talk and demo welding, milling and turning
  • A working Enigma Machine prop and 'magic' compass that tracks a person rather than pointing North. Part of Nick's talk on tech in LARP.
  • Drinks
  • Pecha Kucha - There will be a Pecha Kucha starting at 2pm in the classroom open to all members and non-members alike. Confirmed speakers include:
           Maryam Ahmed:
           Cass M:
           Des Quilty: Metal Working at the Hackspace
           Nick Reynolds: Using 'maker' tech in LARP
           Maheemal Thilakarathne: 6 axis robot arm
           Matthew (Marrold): Traffic Lights

What is the Hackspace?

A communal space for people who make things... because EVERYTHING has user-serviceable parts inside and we're not allowed to do this stuff in the house either.