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* Etari P
* Etari P
* [[User:Renski|Renski]]
* [[User:Renski|Renski]]
* [[User:Phae|Phae]]

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Tom Scott is planning a Miracle Fruit Party at the Hackspace.


There's a type of berry called "miracle fruit", and I'm getting freezedried tablets of it. Roll 'em around on your tongue, and all the sour and bitter receptors are numbed for about half an hour. Lemons taste sweet. Tabasco sauce tastes like "hot doughnut glaze". Believe me - it's a hell of a thing. More details are, of course, on Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synsepalum_dulcificum - and a gushing New York Times writeup of what a miracle fruit party is like is here: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/28/dining/28flavor.html

Pending the mailing list's consensus: I'm planning it for a maximum of 20 people, in the quiet room, with the cost at £5 a head. That'd include a large miracle fruit tablet each and plenty of food (including lemons and limes), plus non-alcoholic drinks and a pack of antacid tablets for afterwards. (You'll need them.)


Tentatively being planned for a trip for a Sunday in June. Add your vote for a date here: [1]


In the quiet room.


£5 a head, payable in advance to Tom so he can buy miracle fruit tablets and enough food.

Who's interested