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5.  Next meeting: 2019-11-10 (Sun 10th Nov)
5.  Next meeting: 2019-11-10 (Sun 10th Nov)
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Saturday 12th Oct. AJP2 happy to chair. Start at 3 pm:

1. Update on marketing efforts

2. Update on state of hackspace

3. Project proposal: Create a LHS social network to aid community building efforts. - Erica Calogero

4. Project Proposal: Create a LHS residency scheme, funded by Brent Borough of Culture 2020: £2000 available to artists who make an installation proposal for the lobby area in the ground floor or in the middle workshop. Also maybe make money available for collaborations between scientists and artists.

4. AOB

5. Next meeting: 2019-11-10 (Sun 10th Nov)