Monthly Meeting 25-02-16

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Monthly Meeting 25-02-16


  • 8pm
  • Classroom


Chair [Name]
Deputy Chair [Name]
Minutes [Name]


(Please add items to discuss. If you item is removed by the Chair, please do not re-add it.)

  • Consideration of updated Grievance Procedure
  • Report back of landlord's intentions with regards to the building and our lease.
  • Should we enable the VoIP phones to make emergency calls? These were previously blocked as the VoIP system can't be relied upon in the event of a power outage, hardware failure etc - It was decided on the mailing list it's not necessary to bring this up at the meeting (Marrold)




Russ Garrett

Martin Clarke

Sam Thompson

Jasper Wallace

Liam Lynch

Ariel Sint

Tom Sands

Henry Sands

Mark Steward


1) Consideration of updated Grievance Procedure

Apologies from Russ for the lateness of presenting it although it's within the deadline. procdure documented Russ suggests we discuss it over this month and decide on it at next monthly meeting Everyone agrees.

2) Report back of landlord's intentions with regards to the building and our lease. Landlord will not be extending the lease for the hackspace. We currently have 2 years left on current lease, then we will have to move.

We should start to look in about a years time.

3) Lighting Light audit has been done by Liam. We have more lights than we thought, its being improved and shouldn't prove expensive

4) ACNODE Has been implemented on the 3in1, working on getting it working on more equipment, Some technical problems, being worked on.

5) Extraction Might prove too expensive given the limited ammount of time we have left in the property