Monthly Meeting 26-11-15

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  • Date: Thursday 26/11/2015 20:00
  • Location: Classroom
  • Duration: 1 Hour


Chair Russss
Deputy Chair Samb1
Minutes Yetifiasco

In attendance

  • [Name]
  • [Name]
  • [Name]
  • [Name]
  • [Name]
  • [Name]


(Please add items to discuss. If you item is removed by the Chair, please do not re-add it.)

  • How do we get people to empty the bins instead of playing jenga? (mentar)
  • Volunteers for maintaining tooling of the set areas, electronics/downstairs etc. (mentar)
  • CCTV (area coverage, monitoring of uptime) etc (tolland)
  • Set of bullet points to cover in the Tuesday tour (possibly including a demo of taking the rubbish out ;-) (tolland)
  • Projects seeking contributors (biohackers have several hardware projects that might interest hackers of electronics, CNC, optics etc)
  • Item
  • Any other business
  • Date and time of next meeting


  • Transcription or link to minutes.