Monthly Meeting 28-01-16

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Monthly Meeting 28/01/16


  • Date: Thursday 28/01/16 20:00
  • Location: Classroom


Chair Russ Garrett
Deputy Chair [Name]
Minutes [Name]

In attendance

  • [Name]


(Please add items to discuss. If you item is removed by the Chair, please do not re-add it.)

  • Changing our methods of communication to help deal with toxicity and de-escalate situations developing online - Crypt
  • Ideas for events to help reboot the community and bring in new members to the core - Hamish
  • Infrastructure guidelines and consistency - Dean
  • Subgroups structure - Dean
  • Equipment - Needs, Management and Maintenance - Dean
  • Hack the Space day - ML Post (Marrold)
  • Expand members storage to meet demand - Mentar
  • Address the dust and lighting situation downstairs - Mentar


  • Transcription or link to minutes.