Motor donation 2013-01-27

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This is the inventory of the motors donated by Ken Boak on 2013-01-27.

They will be allocated in the order requested on the mailing list first. Please do not reserve any via this page.

5x "Parvalux" worm-geared

  • 24V
  • Max Amps 4.1, RPM 4000, Watts output 60, continuous
  • Output RPM 100, 2.5Nm, 40:1 ratio.
  • All tested to turn with a low voltage input.

1x Parvalux as above with shorter shaft, no case on the commutator, working

1x Parvalux as above but seems broken, the shaft is very stiff to turn by hand and won't turn when voltage is applied.

3x unnamed 24V worm gear motors

  • Bigger than the parvalux
  • All tested to turn with a low voltage input
  • With keyway

5x unnamed 24V worm gear motors

  • Smaller than the parvalux, about car windscreen wiper motor size
  • These seem to be less efficient than the Parvaluxes, drawing about 1A @ 6V without any load.

1x 24V pancake motor with integral gearbox

  • 25:1 Gearbox
  • Tested at 24V