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We have a pxeboot setup running on the adminstuff vm on Lamarr, it provides:

  • Diskless i386 and amd64 debian wheezy
  • Rescue and Install for Debian wheezy.
  • Rescue and Install for Debian Jessie
  • Automatic install with London hackspace tweaks for Debian wheezy amd64 Warning - automaticly formats disks!
  • partition magic
  • memtest
  • dban
  • Voyage (a minimised debian disto that can run from readonly media) Warning : the Voyage auto install kernel will reformat things they are booted on without prompting.
  • FreeDOS (but needs work?)


Runs a few diskless nfs clients via pxe etc, unfortunatly nfs dosn't work very well, and i don't know why. (may be fixed now).



Maybe look at adopting this for netboot stuffs: ?