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This is the networking page for Ujima House the 2018-era planned location for London Hackspace. An active IT infrastructure planning document is being worked on in Google Sheets.

We want your help! Please reach out on the LHS Infrastructure IRC channel or post on the London Hackspace Infrastructure Google Group if you'd like to get involved.

For historical comparison, please refer to 447 Networking.


The landlord-provided IP connectivity provider looks to be Exponential-E but we need to go through Onega / Landlord if there are any issues/questions. See below for IP address information.

  • What is the broadband availability at the place? Is there fibre already for our own dedicated connection?

According to the SamKnows broadband checker, we can get BT Openreach FTTC and FTTP service but not cable-based broadband.

An example check with BT using the address for "Honeypot Nursery, Ujima House, 388 High Road, Wembley, HA9 6AR" we see BT Infinity 2 (76Mbit/19Mbit up) is available. Honeypot Nursery formerly occupied the proposed LHS location and is about 350 feet from the LWWEM Wembley Exchange but seems to actually get service from LWNWEM instead.


We have opted for a more flexible and expansive 10.W.X.Y IP range rather than the old ChaosVPN-compatible range we had before.


Currently running Unbound DNS on Boole


Sheet for Work in Progress

IP Allocations



Ideally we've migrated everything to LetsEncrypt unless we're doing internal network / infrastructure SSL trust/validation, but all TBD.

There is a list of our legacy certificates here Networking/TLSCerts


We have 6 Cisco 3502 access points, being provisioned for Ujima House:

  • ap-1-kitchen
  • ap-1-openspace
  • ap-1-crafts
  • ap-g-metal
  • ap-g-wood
  • ap-g-lobby

We have 3 SSID's:

  • LondonHackspace - 5ghz default network.
  • LondonHackspace-24 - As above but 2.4ghz only
  • spacenet - part of the SpaceFED Federated inter-hackerspace wifi network.
    • Please setup your LDAP account to use this - this is the recommended way for members to get online. Username: Password: •••••••••

Layer 2

Managed Building Fibre Connection

There is a fibre provided internet connection managed by the landlord and included in our rent. The building is being serviced by a shared 300 megabit via Onega portioned out to various tenants in the building. The actual IP connectivity provider looks to be Exponential-E but we need to go through Onega / Landlord if there are any issues/questions.

Our core router connecting this connection is Boole.

Setting IP Address Value IPv6
IP Address 2a00:1d40:1843:100::2
Subnet 2a00:1d40:1843:100::/59
Gateway 2a00:1d40:1843:100::
DNS1 2a00:1d40:ee:176::176
DNS2 2a00:1d40:ee:177::177

VDSL2 Provider

There is potential to use the wiring in the 3rd floor server room for VDSL circuits. Details TBD.

Local Network

Hopefully we'll have a consistent infrastructure - similar switches for both normal and PoE ethernet, etc.

Very much 'still a work in progress:


See Networking Todo.

Layer 1 (Physical Wiring)

Please note that we adhere to the TIA-568B standard of wiring in the London Hackspace connectivity. This is consistent with the existing wiring as well as historic best practices of London Hackspace. Go with (568)B, because Bees are Better.

Ground Floor

In the woodworking room, there's a comms cabinet with patch panels for several wallports. The CNC room - former nursery - had almost no networking, and very few power outlets. A wallport has been installed on the ceiling, having re-routed two network sockets from the kitchen area above. The remainder of the sockets in the patch panels are fair game. We will need a network switch in that cabinet, because the existing one there is probably unsuitable due to it's use by Brent Council.

Two ports have been rerouted from the 1st floor kitchen where they're unlikely to be needed, to the ceiling in the corner of the ground floor CNC room - where we require some networking.

Patch Panel

The Ground floor patch panel in the woodworking room is shared responsibility. Due to one room on the ground floor being used by Brent Council - they have their own networking equipment and run from the 3rd floor comms room. Two new purple jacketed cat6 cables to 1st floor comms room.

First Floor

Rough diagram showing path of network cables above the ceiling of the 1st floor.
  • The rack is a Dataracks 303 series variable depth cabinet. Accessories are available from Dataracks though this model is discontinued.
  • Two new purple jacketed cat6 cables from the ground floor cabinet to the 1st floor server room, run in on 2018-07-10. They go up a riser in the north east corner and then run above the ceiling tiles into the server room, in cable tray for some of the way. See image.
  • Two new purple jacketed cat6 cables from the 1st floor server room to the third floor server room, run in on 2018-07-14, to replace poorly installed series of cables by building ISP.
  • There are a large number of network sockets spread around the 1st floor, many (all?) of which seem to be run back via bundles of grey cat5e (?) cable to the server room, also partially in cable trays above the false ceilings.
  • A single grey jacketed Cat5e (?) uplink cable from the first to third floor server room. Deemed to be poor quality.

Server Room

A small room with some (?) ventilation. Area K on the floor plan.

Patch Panel

  • Previous tenants had removed their patch panel from the 1st floor comms room, All 1st floor wallports have been re-termianted. Currently up to port 122 on wallports terminated and tested. Some cables are missing, some are damaged, these are labelled on the patch panels.
  • Ceiling runs for WiFi access points and cameras on 1st floor are numbered 1/123 onwards. These will probably all require connecting to a PoE switch.
  • Inter-floor links are terminated on a 1U patch panel at the top of the cabinet.

Third Floor

View inside the third floor server room

The third floor is not ours and we (London Hackspace) do not have easy access to it for many changes. The server room on the third floor is the external demarcation point for the building - the building's existing internet connection is available here along with BT NTE (s?) and krone frames. The uplink cable from the 1st floor appears here.