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TLS Certificates

This page lists our certificates, where they are, what they are for, who issued them, and when they expire

Host Service CN SubjectAltnames Issuer Expirey notes
Turing SMTP Lets Encrypt Auto Renew, hopefully turing is the mx for, and
Turing LDAP same cert as above " " " used by the LDAP replica on ldap-secondary on the hackspace local network.
Turing main website " "
Knuth wiki Lets Encrypt Auto Renew
ldap-secondary ldap Lets Encrypt Auto renew Read only replica of the DB on turing, clients verify the cert.
adminstuff redmine, Lets Encrypt Auto Renew, hopefully
adminstuff apache2 same cert as above " " "
adminstuff freeradius Lets Encrypt Auto Renew, hopefully Used for spacefed, the clients need to be able to verify the cert.
ACserver apache2 " " Used for the acserver website.
Chomsky apache2,, Lets Encrypt Auto Renew, hopefully