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'''Please use [https://bugs.london.hackspace.org.uk/ redmine] for future features etc.'''
'''Currently we cannot use our [https://bugs.london.hackspace.org.uk/ Redmine] instance on adminstuff due to the fact that we have no networking!'''
==== quiet room rack ====
==== Ground Floor Rack ====
* <s>upgrade ios on the switches</s>
==== First Floor Rack ====
* <s>ra guard if we can, or</s> use one of the linux things on boole.
* <s>2nd 2 port trunk to go down to the basement rack</s>
* <s>2nd patch panel</s>
* <s>terminate the 2 cables to outside the classroom</s>
* <s>terminate the 4 cables to the basement</s> - thanks Aden.
* <s>finish ground floor wireing</s>
** <s>classroom east and south walls</s> - we gave up
** <s>main room south wall</s> done.
* <s>fit everything into the rack</s>
* <s>reattach doors and walls</s> - I don't think the door will ever fit
** maybe try sound proof tiles on the walls?
* print out the patch panel port destinations and stick to the inside of the door and the wall under the rack
* <s>test port 3 on the 4 cables going to the basement</s>
==== basement rack ====
==== Internet Gateway ====
* <s>rack power</s>
==== WiFi Connectivity ====
* <s>attempt to recalibrate ups</s>
* <s>ups in rack</s>
* <s>patch panel in rack</s>
* <s>terminate 4 cables from quiet room</s>
* <s>3com switch in rack</s>
* <s>config a 2nd 2 port trunk on a switch in the quiet room</s>
* <s>link everything together</s>
* Get remote access to the pdu sorted out
* graph the PDU power usage
* graph the UPS state
* print out the patch panel port destinations and stick on the wall by the rack
==== boole ====
* <s>Get more a&a details when it happens -? for the bandwidth usage?</s>
* v6 all the things. (since our ip range will change we have to fix all the dns as well)
* fiddle with dns, can we tell unbound to not cache the local zones?
* upgrade so we can get a 3.8 kernel, then patch with bufferbloat stuff
==== wifi ====
* <s>spacenet</s>
* reduce transmit power?
* we may be getting a WLC :)
==== Pretty things ====
==== Pretty things ====
* <s>Get the bandwidth meter working again</s>
* Get the bandwidth meter working again
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[[Category:Hack the Space]]

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Currently we cannot use our Redmine instance on adminstuff due to the fact that we have no networking!

Ground Floor Rack

First Floor Rack

Internet Gateway

WiFi Connectivity

Pretty things

  • Get the bandwidth meter working again