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We'd like to make a short New Visitors/Members guide.

Short Guide

Aim: to be printed on A4 paper easily to give to visitors, especially on Tuesday Open Nights. Also useful for people who turn up at other times and we're ill-prepared to give them a full tour.

How to be awesome

Interact with the community! Join the mailing list (or at least read it on Google Groups occasionally), make an account on the Wiki and when you're a member, introduce yourself on your own shiny page and link it to the Members page. It's helpful to put faces to names. For instant communication with a lot of members you might like to join/idle in our IRC channel as well.

The Door

Members only are allowed to register an Oyster card (Or similar high frequency "mifare" RFID card) to open the door. If you're not a member, you'll need to ring the door bell. If you're travelling from far away, it's best to call ahead and ask if someone will be in the Space to let you in, especially if you intend on visiting during off-peak hours (after midnight, before 8-9am)


There's tools around that could do you harm but that's pretty unlikely to happen. Don't fear the tools, just respect them. You can also harm tools, such as the laser cutter, if you're not trained.

People in the Space

The Hackspace attracts all kinds of people - some are chatty and some would rather work on their own projects quietly. Don't take this personally! Not everyone can be awesome all the time. Unless they are and then we love them to be part of our community.

Storing items

Only Members are allowed to do this. For small items, you can store as much as you can fit in your "member's box". Large items may only be stored with special permission BEFORE bringing the project into the Space.

Hacking items

Please respect Do Not Hack stickers. If something looks large/useful, post to the mailing list asking about the status of it (if it's hackable or someone's project). Some items are considered infrastructure and should not be hacked without discussion with the community first.

Using things

Feel free to make use of our wood/metal scraps, any screws & fixings you can find, solder, wire, components etc but please make a donation towards buying replacement items too. If you're into electronics, you'll probably need to bring your own copper strip boards, breadboards, customs ICs. If you're in the workshop, you may need to bring in specialist screws (we tend to run out of long screws), or other small, quirky items.

Even though we may appear to be a public open space or even a charity, we are not. The LHS is an organisation created to provide space and tools to members of the LHS community.

Longer Guide

There's a vague mumbling of possibly producing a larger, more extensive guide. Possibly in the form of a heavy & obvious book to stay in the Space and referred to.


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