Good news - we're open for limited services in Wembley. Ujima House is now actively under refurbishment and we'd love your help in making the space the best it can be.

Please pay attention to the main LHS mailing list or pop into our #london-hack-space IRC channel and say hello.

During this interim period donations and continued membership are greatly appreciated while we transition to our new space.


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These are weekly news reports posted every Monday lunchtime, they try to give a brief summary of things that have been going on at the space, changes to equipment, and upcoming events. Most items refer to posts on the mailing lists.


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Month dates
12 December 5th 19th
11 November 28th
10 October
09 September
07July 6th 13th
06June 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th
05May 4th 11th 18th 25th
04April 7th 14th 21st 27th
03March 17th 24th 31st


Month dates
12 December 31st
11 November
10 October
09 September 7th 14th 21st 28th
08August 3rd 10th 17th 24th 31st
07July 6th 13th 20th 27th
06June 1st 8th 15th 22nd 29th
05May 4th 11th 18th 25th
04April 13th 20th 27th
03March 16th 23rd 30th