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News for 1st June 2010

New Scientist this week has a feature article on replicators, which begins with our Makerbot and mentions Russ and London Hackspace by name. Russ has apparently been inundated with follows, emails and calls from interested people.

New Space

roberthl and solexious viewed some new spaces, pics here:


Cleared Seating

roberthl and Mark did an epic tidying up. Anything that looked worthwhile scavenging is now in two boxes near the gas meter, all the other stuff will be taken away for dumping at some point.

Robertlh also put up new tool racks, and we all mucked in to remove the paintings. We now have more space in the sofa area.

We also now have padding on the shelving above the sofas, due to metabrew banging his head on the corner.

Russ started work on some house rules.

The Makerbot is currently still having problems with the printhead, but Glen's working on it!

Projects etc

Screenshot of sump client
  • Daniel got the AVR on his TQFP32-to-DIL32 converter PCB talking to his computer.
  • Jasper can now convert the data on the logic analyser to the format used by the sump client (some bugs still). He continues to be plagued by toolchain issues.
  • Mark and Magnus did the first Hackspace all-nighter working on Magnus's project.