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(Upcoming events)
(Upcoming events)
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== Upcoming events ==
== Upcoming events ==
== Equipment ==
== Equipment ==

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London Hackspace news for 24th - 30th March 2011.

General space news

Upcoming events



The 3-in-1 lathe has been ordered! and should arrive at some point on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who pledged for and organised this.


Smelting work is continuing

From Billy - "We can work with metals up to the melting points of aluminium. Luke experimented with brass/copper with mixed results, but we don't really have the facilities for bronze-working or iron working yet. We can soften iron to the point of being workable, but it's all a work in progress/learning experience for us."

Jim's Turing machine got a mention on the New Scientist video blog and thence Engadget.


External news

Top tips