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== Equipment ==
== Equipment ==
* The [[Pledges/Lathe_Milling_Machine_Combo|3-in-1 Lathe Milling Machine]] is still being set up.
* The [[Pledges/Lathe_Milling_Machine_Combo|3-in-1 Lathe Milling Machine]] is now set up, training sessions will be starting soon with groups of about five at a time. [http://groups.google.com/group/london-hack-space/browse_thread/thread/f9639a7f30ea5538]
* FTDI have sent us a [[Workshops/usb/equipment|USB development kit]]. [http://groups.google.com/group/london-hack-space/browse_thread/thread/6503074659eb7e0a]
* FTDI have sent us a [[Workshops/usb/equipment|USB development kit]]. [http://groups.google.com/group/london-hack-space/browse_thread/thread/6503074659eb7e0a]

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London Hackspace news for 31st March - 6th April 2011.

General space news

  • An effort is being made to tidy and clear out the dirty shop which has become very messy recently. [1] [2]
  • We are looking for an electrician that would be able to inspect the installation of the kitchen wiring and answer some questions. [4]

Upcoming events

  • The monthly lockpicking workshop is on this Saturday 9th from 15:00.
  • Next Tuesday 12th will be the Yuri's Night celebration from 19:00 until late.
  • The weekly catchup meeting of the biohacking group will take place next Wednesday 13th



  • The Young Hackspace project are preparing their next event, based on making electronic music and the physics of sounds. [9]

Recently added projects:


Please can members update their items in the SwapShop so that it can become more useful and also please date when you add something.

New items this week:

  • Old WACOM Tablet without pen / comes with wireless mouse (User:Layer1gfx)