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< 30th June – 6th July 2011 London Hackspace news
7th – 13th July 2011

General space news

  • Russ has ordered flooring for the kitchen, this will be fitted on Saturday. [2]
  • Robert has started a discussion about the possibility of moving space after we become a charity and find somewhere good. [3] [4]


  • Glen suggested bringing in a dedicated computer for the Makerbot, there has been some discussion about virtualising all the computers in the hackspace. [5]
  • Mike has donated a liquid nitrogen dewar to the space. [7]

Upcoming events

  • This Saturday 16th is the Space Organisation Day in preparation for the open day at the end of July. As well as tidying and cleaning we will also be working on some infrastructure projects such as the quiet room and kitchen. Your help is needed! [8]
  • Next Wednesday 20th is the weekly catch-up of the biohacking group from 19:30 to 20:30.
  • Glen has proposed a regular D&D meet-up, a couple of dates were suggested but nothing agreed upon. [10]
  • An instructor has been sourced and we will shortly begin running Amateur Radio Foundation Courses. [11]


Recently added projects:

  • No new projects this week.


Please can members update their items in the SwapShop so that it can become more useful and also please date when you add something.

New items this week: