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{{News|start=6th December|end=19th December 2011|prev=2011-12-05|prevperiod=29th November – 5th December 2011}}
{{News|start=6th December|end=19th December 2011|prev=2011-12-05|prevperiod=29th November – 5th December 2011|next=2012-01-02|nextperiod=20th December – 2nd January 2012}}
== General space news ==
== General space news ==
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TimS found a [https://groups.google.com/d/topic/london-hack-space/51M8OHtpamA/discussion USB stick]
TimS found a [https://groups.google.com/d/topic/london-hack-space/51M8OHtpamA/discussion USB stick]

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< 29th November – 5th December 2011 London Hackspace news
6th December – 19th December 2011
20th December – 2nd January 2012 >

General space news

  • Roshan asked for advice on setting up a space in Kolkata
  • Ciaran nicely summarised all the pledges
  • We may have a plumber for the kitchen. Anyone know any electricians?



Laser Cutter

  • Billy was concerned that the laser cutter moves when the lid is up - this is perfectly normal, as long as it doesn't cut!
  • The cutter does seem to have some issues with wobbles
  • Sol replaced Coolbot with an arduino and Ethernet shield



  • Will sorted through the existing desktops and attempted to combine them
  • Steff offered a replacement for Babbage

Upcoming events

  • The Christmas buffet is tomorrow
  • The last pubspace of the year is on Thursday 22nd December at the Southampton Arms
  • Sue Black is visiting to discuss the Goto Foundation on 10th January
  • The next Reverse Engineering day is on 21st January
  • Christmas is on 25th December. The space isn't closing, but you may not be able to get access without a card.

Other events

A few people are maintaining a list of interesting events not at the hackspace, mostly in London. Feel free to add anything people might like to go to.


Please add a project page for anything here that doesn't have one

  • Nanode has won the vote for Best Internet of Things award

Recently added projects:


Please can members update their items in the SwapShop so that it can become more useful and also please date when you add something.

New items this week:

  • No new items this week.

TimS found a USB stick