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==Next event==
==Next event==
Hope to see you all on Monday 7th October 7PM
Hope to see you all on Monday 4th November 7PM

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Not Just Arduino 21st October



An annual read/write festival for learning and making the open web. 25-27 October at Ravensbourne College

Want to know your additive manufacturing from your 3D printing, and find out how the 'new industrial revolution' will impact your life? Or just want to understand more about how the things around you are made? Then visit The Future is Here exhibition till 29th Oct

Interesting projects

Starting with Arduino

http://www.adafruit.com http://www.sparkfun.com http://oomlout.co.uk/ http://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/ https://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/ https://proto-pic.co.uk http://www.pighixxx.com/abc-arduino-basic-connections/

Here some examples: http://wiring.org.co http://bildr.org/

NJA Community

  • Join us on Github: Not Just Arduino to centralise documentation about all NJA projects. For some reason on GitHub all users can't request to join a group but have to be added by a owner, so please send us your username! Then you'll be able to add your repos and code! Tell us if you need help.
  • Lear how to use this wiki! If you need help ask Marc. Documentation is available here.
  • Document your project! Here is a good example
  • Follow us on twitter
  • Join the Flickr group
  • And don't forget our mailing list: Not Just Arduino

Next event

Hope to see you all on Monday 4th November 7PM