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(Update on the LCD board project)
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* Create an account on [Github.com Github] (for Tim's workshop)
* Create an account on [Github.com Github] (for Tim's workshop)
* Publish your tips / tricks on Arduino
* Publish your tips / tricks on Arduino

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4th group event at the London Hackpace on the 19th November

GitHub presentation by TimS

Tim gave us a talk on how Github works (main commands and architecture of the platform. 2nd part of the presentation at the next event with a more hands-on session where we'll discuss merging, conflict resolution. Don't forget to sign up to Github before the event.

Podcast of the talk on Soundcloud

Slides are here and will be updated by Tim for the next talk.

Info: Github: [1]

Git: Git documentation

You can add here related links and comments

Update on the LCD board project

Description / Libraries / Links

> Building a new LED notification board for the workshop. Adapted from this project:


Arduino code: https://github.com/solexious/NotifyBoard

Arduino Lib: http://github.com/solexious/MatrixDisplay

IRC Script: http://github.com/londonhackspace/irccat-commands/blob/master/setBoard.py

How to connect the Matrix display to Arduino: http://bailey.st/blog/2011/07/12/how-to-connect-sure-electronics-8x32-led-matrix-display-to-arduino/

Tutorial (with another LED model) http://scuola.arduino.cc/en/content/controlling-sure-electronics-3216-led-matrix-arduino-uno

Library for testing display and scrolling https://github.com/devdsp/HT1632-AVR

It would be useful to have Jasper's input on the project.

- hi, sorry i couldn't make it. I've got a 10% discount from earthshine and will order 5 x arduino's when i've got the discount code.

Teensy USB Board, Version 3.0

Description: 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 board, for development in Arduino or C/C++


Projects using Teensy: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/projects.html

Forum: http://forum.pjrc.com/forum.php

Presentation and discussion on Hack A Day:


Info for a possible group order:

Cost: $19 Shipping to UK: $10

version with header pins: $22 http://www.pjrc.com/store/teensy3_pins.html

If interested add your name on the group order page

Interesting microcontrollers links and projects

(add yours!)

Makey Makey: Turns everyday objects into touchpads & combine them with the internet. http://www.makeymakey.com/


Next event: Monday 3rd December 7PM (venue tbc)

To do:

  • Create an account on [Github.com Github] (for Tim's workshop)
  • Publish your tips / tricks on Arduino