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'''Next event: 28th December 2013 7pm''' (venue tbc)
'''Next event: 28th December 2013 7pm''' (venue tbc)

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Not Just Arduino event #7 – Monday 14th January

PCB / etching workshop

PCB / etching organised by Eugene

1. Show a typical circuit in fritzing, guide though the process of routing

2. Talk about getting pre sentesized board vs using a spray

3. Show the UV exposure unit we have, and how to expose your design

4. Show how to use the etching tank to develop and etch your design

5. Show how to use a drill to make the holes for the components to go in



http://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Pcb_etching_instructions (Some specifics about using our equipment)

Many thanks to Eugene for running a fascinating and very clear workshop!

Click here to download the MP3 recording from the event.

Eugene was using this mind map (PDF, MM) to present his workshop that you can

follow with these workshop notes edited by Eugene.

You can still contribute to the perfect NJA logo quest.

As for now we received 3 logos (2 by Perry, 1 by mentar) but other members said they were interested in creating their own designs.

Please add your creations to this mailing list thread so all members can see them and comment:


For inspiration you can compare to what the other London Hackspace subgroups have done:

Music Hackspace logo http://bit.ly/Sstcvz

Video Hackspace logo http://www.videohackspace.org/

Graphics Hackspace logo https://twitter.com/ihackgraphics

Should we put a deadline for the logo contributions so we can vote on the more popular design?

Subgroups and the New Space layout

We will move soon to a new space and if you think our group needs some requirements (like other sub-groups), please contribute to the wiki page:


Suggestions, project updates, good links. Please contribute

Last night, Sue got the Matrix display to work with Solexious' library, hope to meet with her to work on that if we have time before the next event).

Next event

Next event: 28th December 2013 7pm (venue tbc)