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In mid June 2015 we will be able to remove leftover items from a bank office that is moving to new premises.

All remaining equipment will have been decomissioned by the weekend of the 20th and be available for removal.

Some items are available for a nominal fee, others are available for free.

Which items we are interested in needs to be arranged in advance as a the office needs to arrange disposal and get advance quotes from clearence firms.

Costed items

Below is a compilation of items interest has been expressed in, their available number and any suggested price to ensure.

Wheeled office chairs

Girsberger 'Folio', task, 5 wheel, black, coat hanger on back

52 items, £20ea.

  • 10-15 items, Henry Sands/Hackspace, £200-300
  • 2 items, Tgreer, £40
  • 1-2 items, Tim Reynolds, £20-40
  • 1 item, Nathen Sample, £20
  • 2 item, Dan Reid, £40
  • 4 items, Matt Taylor, £20
  • 1 item, wyan, £20

Total items: 20-26

Remaining: 26

Total cost: £320-440


Various available

  • Printer with duplex unit, Wyan Std, nominal fee (£10-20?)

Single items

  • 46" TV, Adrian Godwin/Music Hackspace, £50
  • Silver drinks fridge, Sci/Hackspace, £20
  • Water-cooler, Adrian Godwin/Hackspace, £10


  • Rollerfront cabinets, 63 available, unknown number wanted, various sizes (see spreadsheet), Paddy Duncan/Hackspace
  • Microwave, 1 item, Jasper Wallace/Hackspace
  • Shelving units, 18 available, two sizes, unknown number wanted, Paddy Duncan/Hackspace
  • 60Kw UPS
    • Sci/parting-out for members/partial battery instalation into existing UPS
    • Jon Russell/home instalation
    • Paddy Duncan/Hackspace instalation


Interest in items that have not been mentioned as existing as part of the clearence

  • Mugs, Jasper Wallace/Hackspace
  • 1-2U server cabinets, Cristian